Elect Charles Lyons for Will County CoronerHello, my name is Charles Lyons and I am running a campaign to be your next will County Coroner. We’re in the last month of this election cycle.

This will be the most important election to date for our County. Below please find some of my reasons not only for running, but why I am asking for your vote.

I will be a working Coroner. I will work beside my deputies. I will not just come in at 10 AM leaves at 2 PM. I will be available to my staff 24/7. I like the current Coroner who does not take calls after 7 PM or prior to 9 AM, and does not work weekends.

I have a plan to save taxpayer dollars! I will not take a County provided vehicle, saving $30,000. I will not have a $73,000 a year Sec. who is politically connected and oversees three other secretaries. I have a plan to co-op buy with other Coroners offices the supplies that we all use. This will save tax dollars by lowering cost of the individual items.

I will put families first. Not only the families we serve, but my deputies families as well. When my deputies arrived at a decedent’s home, they will assist the family in any way possible, or as needed. Currently they are made to go to the next call. This practice often leaves the family alone with the deceased, which makes some folks uncomfortable. My deputies will be trained in the basics of grief counseling to assist the families that need our services. My deputies families will be cared for in a disaster situation, then the deputy will respond. I do not want my deputies worrying about the safety of their families when they’re out trying to help others.

Training! Training is one of the most important things that this office needs. In all the past few months we all have learned of the blunders is a current Coroner. I believe that if he had provided training to his deputies these errors would not have occurred. My deputies will receive appropriate and proper training so they can do their jobs the best of their abilities. As for myself I will also attend training, and not be on the golf course when I should be a class.

These are just a few of the ideas I have to make the Will County Coroner’s office the leader in the death care industry for Will County.

I would appreciate your vote November 6, 2012. Thank you and may God bless America and God bless Will County.


Charles L. Lyons

Republican Candidate for Will County Coroner